Playing Black Ops II for Fun

call_of_duty__black_ops_2_png_icon__2__by_s7_by_sidyseven-d5kp7oeThere are so many games that are available now, that you might have a hard time choosing something that fits your level of skills, especially if you are a professional gamer. However, the Black Ops II from the Call of Duty franchise is the game that will keep you connected for a longer period of time.

It’s wonderful, it’s addictive, it offers you many possibilities and it evolves depending on your choice. It offers a complex set-up and a complex story, allowing you different options and opportunities. There are many endings to this game, but with the help of Black Ops 2 Hacks you will be able to win more and more rounds.

Here are some details about the game, which will convince you that it’s worth it.

The Plot

bo2headerThe story of the game is complex enough, and it requires you to know all the characters that appear in this game. One of them, the protagonists of the firs section, is Alex Mason – friends of long time with Jason Hudson and Frank Woods. Their friendship begun long before 2025, back in 1986 when Hudson asks Mason to rescue Woods from Cuando Cubango, in a very dangerous mission.

At that time, Mason was retired from active duty, and was living with his son in Alaska. Once he accepts the mission, his relationship with his son is damaged. After the adventure begins, the three friends find out that the one responsible for dealing arms and capturing Woods was the narco-dealer Menendez. The secret of this game is that is has different possible endings, based on the choices of the player. In other words, everything is up to you.


There are different characters that are available in the game, and depending on your choice of character, you can support one cause or another. You will have the possibility to help Maxis or Richtofen, which are enemies. Based on what you choose, the game will end in different ways. The zombies will also be present, mostly in the second part of the game, the one that takes place in the not-so-distant 2025, in the post-apocalyptic world. There are different maps that are available to be played, and each of them has its own characters that can be used in the game.

The Story

care-package-bodyThe game takes place in a close future, when the character names Maxis destroys Earth with 3 nuclear missiles, filled with a strange element that reanimates dead cells. When these missiles hit the Earth, not only they destroy it, but they also create the zombies, which attack everything visible and moving. This world knows only four survivors, who need to perform certain tasks in order to remain alive. The story will develop with the characters, based on the player’s choices, which will affect both the story and its ending.

The Hacks

Black_Ops_Colt_Commando_As there are many players who can’t buy the game or the features that cost more money, there are available some hacks for this game, which represent actually a cheating tool. You will find that there are different hacks, different mods and different cheats in a single tool, or package, depending on how you find it for download. What is wonderful is that these hacks work on every available device that is used for the game – for Windows, for Xbox, for Wii U and also for PlayStation. You will find that some hacks are working for all consoles, and even for Mac. What it’s wonderful is that the hacks cannot be detected, as they have proxy option and also a safe mode.

Don’t worry if you are a beginner gamer! Start your wonderful journey with this game and discover all its secrets!